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Stock Footage Ironstrike Mark Holmberg

My stock video.

History of Stock footage

Stock footage has existed ever since the early days of Hollywood. However it was originally just things that were difficult to get. Like a hippo, or a house on fire. Stock reels were sold to large studios like Warner Brothers. They then used the shots in various movies that they produced. Over time stock footage became more complicated. Then for a relatively brief period stock video was sold on the Internet, and some artists were making millions of dollars.

The New Studio

Some things changed though. Stock sites became demanding and took a large portion of the share. However as hosting got cheaper new stock site rose up that were friendlier to artists. Like pond5... My main site that I sell on. Artists became more sophisticated and as they started making more money combined with being on multiple sites, they were less dependent on ONE site to sell on. As a result new small studios are popping up all over the world. Small studios that are actually making money. A REAL threat to Hollywood.

Stock footage redefined

Stock video's definition has changed. It is no longer just rare things like explosions etc. Media artists like myself shoot video of people, threatening the existence of talent agencies, as well as CG which in the early days of stock would be unheard of. I do all subjects, corporate, paranormal, science, artsy. Stock is taking the place of CG freelancers as well as hired cameramen.

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